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With the wide variety of assault charges in Mesa, Arizona, starting with something as simple as the mere threat of violence to inflicting serious bodily harm on someone, the potential sentences range from a fine to a lengthy prison sentence. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this road alone. By hiring Genesis DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers as your criminal justice attorney to represent you in your assault case, together we can find the best outcome for your situation. Contact one of our Assault Attorneys right away.

In Mesa, Arizona, aggravated assault is punished more severely due to its seriousness. The factors which raise an assault to an aggravated assault typically include the use of a weapon, the type or status of the person assaulted, the intent of the person doing the assault, and the severity of injury inflicted. The Arizona statute sets the circumstances which will cause a simple assault to turn into an aggravated assault. These circumstances will greatly expand the type of jail or prison time one can receive from the Arizona courts. Any charge and conviction for aggravated assault will create dramatic consequences for the rest of your life. A Mesa Arizona defense attorney can assist you in exploring a legal defense, that best fits your case and should provide at a minimum a sentence reduction.

The State of Arizona describes Domestic violence as an act of abuse by one family member or member of a household to another. While domestic violence is often thought of as doing some sort of physical harm, the crimes are not always violent. In many cases, an individual can be charged with domestic violence simply due to a simple misunderstanding. Domestic violence charges include a handful of abuses including physical, sexual, economic control, emotional, and neglect. Types of crimes that fall under domestic violence include assault, battery, disorderly conduct, kidnapping, criminal trespassing, threatening, and witness intimidation. Often with domestic violence comes the need to file for divorce. If you find yourself in that situation please speak with the top Arizona divorce lawyers at Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers.

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